Urns, Caskets & Coffins Bel Air MD

Depending on how a person wishes to be cared for after death, there are a variety of ways their remains can be contained. Urns, caskets and coffins are some of the most common ways remains are stored, and these articles have information on these different types of containers.

Caskets and Coffins Bel Air MD

Most caskets can be shipped to any U.S. location in a day or two. Really, you don't have to purchase a casket from a funeral home. The law requires funeral homes to receive, store (for a reasonable time).

Cremation Urns Bel Air MD

This article introduces several different and uinique urns. Read on to find out more about them.

Urns and Caskets Bel Air MD

What of the body that contained that spirit? For those who have lost a loved one, it is a practical question that must be answered almost immediately. The choice to cremate or to bury is a very personal one, based on family traditions, religious practice, and individual preferences. In either case, one must find a container to hold that which remains.