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Funeral homes offer many more services than you think. Usually they have package deals that can be paid in advance with monthly installments if you prepare ahead of time. They can also help you arrange and transport bodies that need to be moved to another city, state or country for burial services. Please scroll down to learn more and get access to all the related products and services in State College, PA listed below.

Mark D Heintzelman Funeral
(814) 234-0332
1034 Benner Pike
State College, PA

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Koch Funeral Home
(814) 237-2712
2401 S Atherton St
State College, PA

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Center County Memorial Park
(814) 231-0412
800 Benner Pike
State College, PA

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Bruce E Cox Funeral Home
(814) 632-7700
3774 Warriors Mark Path
Warriors Mark, PA

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Wetzler Funeral Service Incorporated
(814) 355-4261
206 N Spring St
Bellefonte, PA

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Oakwood Crematory
(814) 237-0259
2401 S Atherton St
State College, PA

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Mayes Memorials
(814) 237-2352
Po Box 295
Lemont, PA

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Mark D Heintzelman Funeral Service
(814) 364-1412
226 S Pennsylvania Ave
Centre Hall, PA

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Dean K Wetzler Funeral Home
(814) 355-7551
200 Spring St
Milesburg, PA

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Bohn Funeral Home
(717) 667-3010
284 Walnut St
Belleville, PA

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Funeral Home

How to Choose the Right Funeral Home

Seven Considerations
Consideration one
Estimate attendance.
Calculate how many people you expect to attend. Make sure you
have a good estimate before you choose the funeral home
and reception site and that the facility will be large enough to
accommodate your gathering.

Consideration two
Consider location.
Just because your loved one died away from home it doesn’t mean the funeral or burial needs to occur away from home. Bodies or ashes (cremains) are often transported for a funeral gathering or burial.

Funeral homes frequently arrange for the transport of bodies by air or car for services in another city, state or country. Pick a funeral home in a location convenient for survivors to gather for the ceremony or in a location close to the place of burial. You will need to arrange transportation with two funeral homes one to pick the body up and transport it and a second funeral home to receive the body.

If cremation is desired, you may hire a funeral home or crematory to cremate the body and then place the ashes (cremains) in a fly-safe container for travel by air or simply drive the cremains to the location for the ceremony. This is a much less expensive option than transporting a whole body.

Consideration three
Compare facilities.
If you’re planning on using the funeral home as the location for the ceremony and reception, look carefully at your options. There’s a huge variety in what funeral homes offer. Look at their websites for descriptions and pictures of their facilities.  Unfortunately, many funeral homes don’t have comprehensive websites, so you will probably need to make phone calls for more information. Before booking a service, visit the funeral home and tour the facilities. Here are some things to consider:
Consideration four
Compare Price.
Prices vary. Call around. If you ask, funeral directors must give you pricing information on the phone. This makes comparing prices between multiple providers much easier. The funeral home cannot demand your name, address or phone number before giving you the prices.

The Federal Trade Commission's Funeral Rule requires all funeral directors to give consumers accurate, itemized price information and various other disclosures about both funeral goods and services. Funeral directors are required to provided the itemized pricing for individual products in person and if asked also over the phone.

Know what you’re buying. Ask what services are included in the fee.  If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Consideration five
Consider Cultural and Religious Practices.
Most funeral homes will accommodate any culture or religion, although, some specialize in a particular religious or cultural practice. Ask to make sure your religious and culture practices will be followed at the funeral home.

Consideration six
Read Reviews.
There are several websi...

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