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Consumers are becoming more and more eco-conscious and green burials are being requested more often because of environmental concerns. Green cemeteries offer green funeral services that include biodegradable caskets, unlike traditional cemeteries that include burial vault options where biodegradable caskets are not a good idea. Please scroll down to learn more and get access to all the related products and services in Louisville, KY listed below.


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A cemetery is a place in which the dead or their cremated remains are buried.

Traditional Cemeteries are cemeteries where people are buried in caskets and the caskets are placed in a burial vault or a grave liner. Traditional cemeteries have grave markers indicating where people are buried. 

Green Cemeteries are cemeteries dedicated to green burial.  These cemeteries do not allow embalmed bodies or burial vaults. All caskets must be biodegradable. Other restrictions on grave markers and native plants are being discussed. The Green Burial Council now has a list of "approved providers" who will facilitate green burial within traditional cemeteries in eight states. 

Pet Cemeteries are cemeteries for animals. Pets and other animals of emotional significance are often ceremonially buried. Many products are specifically designed to remember our animal friends. Click here for more information on pet memorials .

Plot Brokers help people sell, buy or list cemetery property, mausoleum crypts or niche properties. 

Grave Tenders are people hired to maintain specific graves. Grave tenders can clean the grave marker and maintain the plants around a grave. Grave tenders can place flowers on a grave to mark special occasions. This service is especially helpful for families who live far from the grave site of a loved one.

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